Full details for those applying for the Residencia TIE Card

Residencia TIE Card

Changes to residencia cards. credit: Nerja town hall

AS of January 2021, British people wishing to live in sunny Spain for more than three months and living here more time of the year than in another country will apply for the new Residencia TIE Card, Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjeros.
Nerja Foreigners Department have offered useful information for those looking for help.
You must apply for your First Residencia TIE within the three months when arriving in Spain.
Please note that this info is not for British people who already have a green Residencia.
To avoid overcrowding, the National Police have brought ahead the date to apply voluntarily for the Residencia TIE Card until the end of 2020.
You are advised to apply for the new Residencia this year, as soon as you can, as next year there could be changes in documents to present and in the income required.
The information offered here is what we have been able to obtain for the moment and that specific details can vary.
You can apply for the first Residencia if you have one of the following options:
Option A. It has two requirements: Full medical coverage + Pension or income of €460 / month. – full medical coverage insurance in Spain, public or private.
Pensioners: Until Britain is still in the EU change over process up to the end of this year 2020, you can apply for the Form S1 from the National Health Service in Newcastle. The S1 gives you full public medical coverage. It takes approx. six weeks to come.
Non-Pensioners: You need private insurance with full coverage in Spain and no co-payment. (This means that when seeing a doctor, you don’t have to pay part of the invoice). Ask your insurance company for a letter stating these requirements.
The blue EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) will not be accepted as this is just for tourists.
Ask your bank in Spain or abroad for a letter or certificate, stating that you have a pension or an income of more than €460 per month. If you have a pension, the certificate can show just the last month. If you have an income, the certificate must show the last six months. Deductions for spouses and children that don’t reach €460 / month income: If you present a translated marriage or civil couple certificate, the amount required for the couple will be €785 / month for both instead of €920. A family of three persons will require €1,108 per month and a family of four persons, €1,430 per month. Each child must present a translated birth certificate with the name of both parents.
Option B:
You need a work contract of at least three to six months or a salary payment slip. The minimum amount required is €460 / person / month. Work contracts from abroad will be accepted. Also, you must have the Spanish social security card or registration letter. Your spouse and children living in Spain can also obtain a Residence Card if they are registered on the Social Security system. Deductions in the amount required for spouses and children will be as stated in the paragraph above.
IMPORTANT: As the first Residencia is complicated, difficult to get an appointment and no English spoken in the offices, we advise to contact an adviser, Asesoria.
Their prices for Residencia TIE Card are approx. €150 for one person and €200 for two persons.
• Passport + one copy. • Appointment number. • Padron, population list document from the town hall. • Application form EX-20. Download it. See the example below. • A bank letter or certificate of your pension or income + one copy. • Medical insurance: Form S1 or a private insurance + one copy. • Children under 21 years (or over 21 dependant on parents): A translated birth certificate + one copy. If you are working in Spain and paying into the Spanish Social Security system present the same as above except the medical insurance and the bank letter. Also present: • A work contract or a salary payment slip. • Your Spanish Social Security card or registration letter. • If you are applying also for your spouse and children, present translated marriage or civil couple certificate and birth certificates of the children. The police will check on their computer that you are registered on the Spanish Social Security health care system, Seguridad Social.
• The letter received from Malaga Extranjeria office. • Passport + one copy • One colour photo (Spanish identity card size 34mm x 26mm), • Appointment number Download it. • Application form EX-23 Download it. See the example below. • Bank payment form for €12. Download Modelo 790.
DOCUMENTS THAT ARE NOT IN SPANISH • The following official documents have to be translated by a sworn translator: • Birth, marriage or civil couple certificates. Multilingual certificates don’t need a translation. See internet for sworn translators, Traductores Jurados, near Nerja and surrounding areas. • The S1 medical form doesn’t need a translation. • Private documents such as bank letters or certificates just need to be translated by a qualified translator.
You have to go three times personally to different offices always making an appointment for each person, including children. First, you go to Malaga Foreign Registration Office, Extranjeria. After, you will go two times to Torre del Mar police station.
First appointment at Malaga Extranjeria Office we recommend having a digital signature certificate so you can present the documents online and don’t have to go personally to Malaga. If you don’t have this digital certificate you have to make an appointment by phoning 952 980 460, option 5, wait a while and say ‘TIE para Britanicos’. Only Spanish is spoken. Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm. Extranjeria is in Calle Mauricio Moro Pareto 13, near the main bus station. Second and third appointment at Torre del Mar police station After approx. one month you will receive a confirmation letter from the Malaga Extranjeria office. Then you have to make an appointment for Torre del Mar police station. Please note that this police station has changed address and now it is in Calle Puerta del Mar 4, coming down from Eroski, the second roundabout going towards the hospital. You have to return again to Torre del Mar in approx. 45 days. At the moment there are not many appointments available in Torre del Mar (shown on the computer screen as Velez- Malaga). Normally appointments appear some days before or after the 1st and the 15th of each month. British from Nerja and surrounding areas can only apply at Torre del Mar police station. When no appointments are available, the police station will not appear on screen.
Appointments can only be made by internet and will be given in approx. three weeks time. One appointment per person (also for each child). Google: Cita previa de extranjeria – tramites. Follow these steps and always click Aceptar or Siguiente at the bottom of each page. Click or tick the following: • Completar el formulario online at the right top of the page. • Click Si to the message that appears. • Acceder al procedimiento in the middle of the page. • Seleccionar Malaga. • Despliegue para ver tramites disponibles en esta provincia. • For the first appointment tick: Policia – Exp. tarjeta asociada al acuerdo de retirada … Brexit. • For the second appointment tick: Policia – Recogida de tarjeta de identidad de extranjero TIE. • Entrar at the bottom of the page. • Tick passport or NIE and write the number. After write your name/s and surname. • No soy un robot and choose several pictures related with the element shown. • Verificar. • Solicitar cita. In Oficina tick on the last line CNP Velez Malaga. Though the police station is in Torre del Mar, it will figure on your computer screen as Velez Malaga. • Write your telephone and then write your email two times. • Choose the date and time convenient for your appointment • A message will appear. Click Aceptar. • You will receive a code number in your mobile telephone. • Write this code number in Verificacion de solicitud de cita. • A message will appear. Click Aceptar. • Tick Estoy conforme con la cita then Confirmar. • The appointment number will appear at the top. Write it down or print it clicking Imprimir.
HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND FILL IN THE TWO RESIDENCIA FORMS APPLICATION FORM EX-20 for Malaga and EX-23 for Torre del Mar. Google: EX20 (or EX23) modelos generales portal de inmigracion. Fill in one form per person by hand or on the computer in the Spanish version and only print page one and two. Page one: Fill in only number 1. Page two: Write date and sign at the bottom. See example below.
Modelo 790 Google: Impreso Tasa Modelo 790 codigo 012 sede policia A blue form will appear. You can only fill it in by internet, not by hand. One form per person. Click or tick the following: • Rellenar formulario y descargar. • Identificacion: Fill in or tick the following boxes with the symbol * NIE, passport or identity card number. / Surname and name. / Domicilio: Your address in Spain: Calle or Urb. / Street name / Number / Municipio = Nerja (if you are in Nerja) / Province = Malaga / Codigo postal = post code 29780 (for Nerja). • Autoliquidacion: Go down the page to the section: Tarjetas de identidad de extranjeros (TIE) y certificados de registro de residentes comunitarios. • Go to the last box Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de ciudadano de la Union. Before ticking, the amount €12 will appear. Now tick it. • Declarante: write in Localidad Nerja (or your town) and write the date. • Ingreso: Tick En efectivo = payment in cash • Write the code that appears and click on Descargar impreso rellenado. Click Aceptar. • A message will appear asking for your telephone number. Ignore it and click Aceptar. • After filling in the form, it will look different from the beginning one in blue. See example below. • Print pages one, two and three. Don’t make photocopies as the pages have a special lecture code. • Each person needs a set of forms with a lecture code. So, for each person, enter a new page and repeat the same steps. Print another set of three pages with a different lecture code and sign at the bottom. • Go to any bank with this form filled in and pay it.
WHAT TO DO ONCE YOU ARE RESIDENT • Change your driving licence to a Spanish one. See an advisor, Asesoria. • If you are a pensioner, apply to be included in the Spanish Social Security full coverage public medical system. Make an appointment at Velez-Malaga Social Security. Google: Cita previa sede electronica seguridad social. Take your S1 forms. • Do your tax returns declaration in Spain. See an advisor, Asesoria.
You renew your first Residencia after five years. Then you will become a Permanent Resident and your Residencia will last for 10 years.
Thank you for reading ‘Full details for those applying for the Residencia TIE Card.’ you may also enjoy “Brits applications for residency in Spain as EU citizens put on hold.”

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