Boris Johnson Admits No-Deal Brexit ‘Increasingly Likely’

Boris Johnson has signalled that a no-deal Brexit is increasingly likely and hits out at the EU for its refusal to compromise.

THE PM has admitted the UK is currently heading for a no-deal Brexit and says an agreement now is “very difficult” as the two sides dig in and refuse to compromise. No 10 says an agreement ‘will not be easy to achieve’ and that it is ‘very difficult to make progress’ with time fast running out

Boris Johnson said the UK would have to leave the bloc “do or die” on October 31 – prompting some MPs to act to stop the UK leaving without an agreement. He said the more MPs try to block a no-deal Brexit, “the more likely it is that we’ll end up in that situation.”

Johnson recently announced he would be suspending Parliament for five weeks over September and October. No 10 described a deal as only “still possible” – with a strong attack on the EU’s failure to give ground. The prime minister’s spokesperson said: “An agreement is still possible and this is still our goal, but it is clear it will not be easy to achieve.”

Boris Johnson confirmed Brussels was refusing to discuss British proposals on future fishing quotas until it had received a state aid plan which is something London has so far refused to set out. image: Twitter

Why is fishing important in Brexit trade talks?

Fishing has traditionally been an emotional issue in the UK’s relationship with the European Union but supporters of Brexit now say it is a symbol of sovereignty that will now be regained.

The EU has already announced that an agreement on fisheries is a pre-condition for the kind of free trade deal (with no tariffs or taxes on goods) which both sides say they will try to work towards. The UK, however, says any such agreement must be based on the understanding that, after Brexit, “British fishing grounds are first and foremost for British boats.”

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    • John McLean

      02 September 2020 • 13:04

      Boris will blame everyone and everything he can if there is a NO-Deal. The one thing he will not do is accept any of the blame himself

    • Peter Robinson

      03 September 2020 • 00:09

      Boris is doing what the people voted for and has my support 100%

      • Reg

        03 September 2020 • 12:04

        Eh, less than 26% voted for Brexit. In most civilized countries such important choices would need at least 2/3 of the population’s approval.

    • Mike Summers

      03 September 2020 • 01:27

      The terrible irony is that Brexit forces many people who want to live in the EU to return to the UK, which won’t be in the EU anymore. Meanwhile, it discourages well-settled immigrants (who would have liked to stay in the UK) from staying. And as a hat-trick, it has caused thousands of loyal Brits who were happy living in Britain to want to leave, if they still can. Just look at the applications for German and Spanish passports! In both cases this means surrendering your British passport to get an EU passport, but thousands are doing it. And it looks like Scots will lose not only their EU status, but their British nationality too, when of course, Scotland goes independent prior to rejoining the EU. It’s all stranger than fiction!

      • Reg

        03 September 2020 • 12:11

        You’re right Mike, but please remember that for many years already, millions of British were living and working in Spain (5-8 million estimated), whilst only about 300000 had a residency card. The rest was, so to say, illegal immigrant in Spain. Now about 700000 residency cards (TIE) have been issued, with another 400000 to go before the end of the year. It’s still to be seen what the other 4-7 million British will choose to do.

    • Reg

      03 September 2020 • 11:59

      Why ‘fishing’ is so important, representing only 1% of UK’s GNP, is clear. It’s the ultimate stick BJ uses to organize a no-deal Brexit. Very dangerous. The ‘Big-4’ have broken down the 21,7% economical loss ‘due to Corona’ into approx. Corona 8-12% and economy 10-14%. Economical negative growth being mainly caused by … yes, Brexit. That’s in average about 65607 GPB million, or 1000 Pounds per inhabitant, 4% of the average income. Only for this first ‘liberated’ year.
      For sure the UK, in whatever constitution and structure, will finally manage to get its economy back on the rails. But at what cost? Will it have been worth it? Nobody knows, but the start, and the prognosis by the best of the best economists the world has to offer, paint a fairly accurate picture. And BJ’s role? Well, he has been known for lying and cheating before. Good luck Global Britain!

    • John Price

      03 September 2020 • 13:35

      If Europe is serious about these negotiations it should surely have fired M Barnier before, clearly he does not have a mandate from 27 countries in his ridiculous stance and wants to dictate rather than negotiate.

      Mike, surely you are aware that any Brit who has bothered to go through the (simple) Residencia process will find their lives in Spain unchanged by Brexit and not forced to go back to the UK if they don’t want to.

      Reg, surely you are aware (regardless of which way they voted) the British people voted democratically with a majority vote in favour of Brexit. For many British fishing waters were a part of this vote, Scotland in particular will become dead in the water without some protection in this process

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