Brutal body shaming on ‘Say Yes To The Dress’

In a recent episode of Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire. A priest’s outspoken mother told her daughter she ‘couldn’t afford to put any weight on’ as she tried on a clingy gown.

IN the episode, priest Gemma, who usually performs other people’s weddings, is looking for the dress of her dreams as she prepares for her own big day.

Her opinionated mum, Sue, leaves Gok gobsmacked when she criticises the first dress because it shows her ‘pubic bone.’

‘It’s so clingy that you really do need to make sure that you stay like you are at the moment, you can’t afford to put any weight on with that dress,’ says the Mother-Of-The-Bride-To-Be.

‘I’m really used to being dressed head to toe in black, but I want to reconnect with the girl beneath the collar,’ explains the quirky modern-day priest.

‘There’s actually nothing traditional about you, is there?’ said Gok.

‘I want smooth, I don’t want hoops or like loads of faff, and number one, I want pockets,’ adds Gemma.

Whisking the bride-to-be off to the changing room, Gok dresses her in a beautiful gown that suits her non-traditional style – a 1930’s inspired dress.

‘I feel like an A-list celebrity on the red carpet at the Oscars,’ she glowed. ‘The more I wear it the more I maybe want to say yes!’

‘I really want to know what my mum thinks,’ she says. ‘My sister will love me in anything but my mum’s the tough customer!’

Walking downstairs in front of her family and friends, the bride-to-be is met with smiles and gasps of astonishment, with her sister, exclaiming: ‘I love it, I love the back on it and the shape, and it looks stunning on you.’

But as Gemma predicted, and true to form, mum Sue takes issues with the gown’s fit and brands it ‘clingy.’

‘She is abiding by the over 70 rule in that when you get to 70 you can say what you want!’ Gemma’s friend Jessica remarks.

With her head in her hands, clearly disappointed, the bride-to-be laughs: ‘My mum is brutal. She was properly horrible about it!’

Trying to make light of the situation, Gok quickly lightens the mood and says: ‘You look beautiful, and if you want to go and eat a couple of takeaways then I won’t tell mum.

As Gok walks the bride-to-be back to the changing rooms, Sue leans over to the rest of the family and friends, saying: ‘You can see her pubic bone! It wasn’t her stomach that was the issue!’

With so much body shaming in today’s society causing issues with peoples mental health is ‘the over 70 rule’ Gemma’s friend spoke about an acceptable excuse?

Are generational differences a reason to accept hurtful comments from someone, even if they are your mother?

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