Others think it – Leapy Lee says it! – No end date in sight!

I do believe I’m actually losing it. Alright alright. I can hear the cackles of agreement from here!

No, usually I am pretty resilient but I’ve recently begun to realise this whole Covid thing is finally getting to me. It’s not that I’m bored. With three radio shows a week, a blurb to churn out, six cats, a dog and a home to run, boredom is undoubtedly not the problem. I also count my blessings that I am easily in touch with family and friends.

So why is it suddenly all going so mentally pear shaped?

It’s not only me experiencing this reaction, I’ve also noticed an ever increasing number of colleagues and friends, many of whom have been quite positive in the past have been posting their misgivings and doubts on social media.

Well, obviously the threat to our health, the masking, social distancing, travel restrictions and financial worries are grinding us all down, but it goes far deeper than that. I believe the main reason so many of us are sinking into such a mental state of despair is that we don’t have an end date.

It is a proven fact, that many of the mental breakdowns, unrest and violence in our prisons, often have a direct link to the date of a prisoner’s release. Apart from those who will never be freed, offenders never know the actual date of their release until it is determined by either a judge, or a parole board. The result is a kind of limbo existence. A period of uncertainty as to the future, which if it goes on too long can lead to all kinds of problems, both mental and physical – and we are experiencing exactly the same trauma. ‘Stone walls do not a prison make’.

We are in fact all serving a term with no end date. There is nothing definite in the future to look forward too. If we were told this whole nightmare would be over on say July the sixth next year, we would certainly moan and gripe about how long we had to wait, but at least it would be something definite. We could start to cross the dates off on our calendars. We could begin to make plans. We could count sleeps!

As it is we have no idea when, or even how this nightmare will end. Slowly but surely we are being worn down and mentally exhausted by the uncertainty of it all; plus the fact, that with the unprecedented nature of the situation, it is glaringly obvious our leaders are as bewildered as we all  are. Is it all a conspiracy?

Well, we are borrowing trillions from someone out there. Are these faceless individuals gleefully breaking out the Dom and Corona’s, congratulating themselves that their dastardly plot is going even better than they anticipated?

What worries me is the person that finally does deliver the planet an ‘end date’ could well be hailed as the new Messiah.

Perhaps thats the whole idea

Keep the faith




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