Thousand People Gathered To Celebrate Burning Man Culture Putting Lives At Risk

A group of 1,000 people got together at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach on Saturday to celebrate Burning Man culture and the upset mayor was forced to shut down the beach’s parking lot to avoid coronavirus spikes. 

THE mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, wrote on Twitter: “This was absolutely reckless and selfish. You are not celebrating. You are putting people’s lives at risk. You are putting our progress at risk. No one is immune from spreading the virus.”

Authorities previewed problems like this during Labour Day Weekend so they gave a list of advice last week, which in cases like the Burning Man Culture celebration wasn’t heard. This wasn’t the only gathering that went against the recommendations. People gathered on Saturday anyway in San Francisco, there was a big crowd dancing in front of a stage with a DJ and fire dancers on the beach as shown in several social media accounts. Most of them were wearing masks. The Burning Man festival organisers said they were not aware nor involved in the planning of this 1,000-person reunion. 

They had planned to continue the event for nine days straight, as the original festival does, so Breed closed the parking lot serving the beach and warned the people not to return the next day.

Breed tweeted: “Don’t do it,” and then added: “Law enforcement will be patrolling. We know people love Burning Man and people want to get together this weekend. But we all need to do our part. Stay home, stay safe.”

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