California Skies Turned Red Due To Wildfires

This year’s California intense-wildfires season hit records and turned skies red scaring people on Wednesday morning. 

Unprecedented wildfires on the West Coast made skies different shades of red and orange leaving a very smoky and eerie scenario. The cause is attached to the Smoke that has strongly worsen the air quality and settled over the most populated areas such as the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Experts say this is a clear consequence of the current climate crises. 

Leah Stokes, a political scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, explained: “Of course, people need to be careful and be held accountable when they light fires,” and then added: “But the fact is, climate change is the real culprit behind what we’re seeing right now.”

The biggest wildfire season on the record made hundreds of people evacuate across California, Oregon, and Washington, and according to NBC News, at least eight people have died. Weeks after Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in August, the situation kept getting worse leaving Los Angeles Country with the highest temperature in history, 121°F. It is a sever warning that people should work hard on climate change as any future rest from these disasters will require major changes from us all.

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