Valencia Spain: Health Minister Warns Benidorm, Denia and other Costa Blanca Councils to Clamp Down on ‘COVID Flouters’

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Valencian Spain: Health Minister, Ana Barceló Chico, has issued a stern warning to Costa Blanca councils that they must clamp down on ‘COVIDIOTS’ who are breaking the rules and causing coronavirus cases to escalate.

Tighter restrictions followed by possible heavy fines have been ordered by the minister in a move designed to drastically and quickly lower Valencia’s shocking rise in coronavirus outbreaks. Should the 13 municipalities not adhere to the new instructions then the minister promised the regional government would be asked to enforce the conditions- it really is that serious.

A trend seen across the whole of Spain is that the majority of new outbreaks are due to teenagers involved in social gatherings getting infected then going home and infecting members of the same household. New restrictions in place are meant to eliminate such gatherings, however, police have still been called to illegal parties and ‘under-ground’ raves that ignite outbreaks causing further spreads of the virus.

Indeed, most of the outbreaks recently seen have originated in nightclubs. Others have been traced to trips out for summer vacations, social and family gatherings, agriculture (fruit and vegetable companies) and people returning to work- although some residential care homes began to report more outbreaks throughout the month of August.

This summer, most residents have taken their holidays in Spain with so-called ‘stay-cations’. As a result, coastal towns such as Andalusia and the Valencian Community have been the ones that have detected the most outbreaks, above 284 in the case of Andalusia and more than 364 in the Valencian region.

It is hoped that this statement, made by video-link to the councils, will remind everyone how crucial it is for the economy to get Spain back into pre-lockdown levels of contagion. Although the word ‘lockdown’ was not used a further-deeper level of restrictions are expected should the rise in cases continue.

Valencia recently had to cancel its 40th-anniversary marathon due to the crisis.

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    • John Gardner

      10 September 2020 • 18:21

      It is quite an appalling state of affairs when so many people wallow in so much ignorance. We cannot escape pathogens. Ever. What we can do is accept they exist and deal with them without trying to hide behind ineffective masks, forced imprisonment and the abandonment of democracy. It is as if the entire world has taken their brains out and gone to sleep, Open your eyes!
      Propaganda only works if we believe it. Stop watching TV and start listening to the doctors and scientists in other parts of the world who are not trying to impose a dictatorship, which is exactly what has happened in Spain with all dissenting voices silenced. Where are they constitutional judges? (Maybe they think their pensions are at risk?) Where are the doctors to point out the crucial part vitamin D plays in our body chemistry? (Spanish residents do not get a lot of vitamin D because they hide from the sun.) Where is the information that tells us the vast majority of people who get Covid 19 suffer only mild symptoms, like a cold. Is anyone terrified of getting a cold? So why this super-hype of lies? To reintroduce a dictatorship? Ah, there you have it!
      Spain does not need to take another step into the dreadful world of a dictatorship, it needs understanding and common sense, both of which are currently missing and the E.U. has, like the WHO, shown its true colours. Useless ineptitude.

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