Kanye West Hospitalized For Texting Too Much

West ended up in the hospital due to “too much texting” this week, as he shared on his social media. 

The award-winning rapper posted a photo on his official Twitter account today to show how he was affected after non-stop texting with an X-ray image of his right hand. “Too much texting bro,” he said, adding as a treatment he “had to get the cortisone mixed with a little sprinkle of lidocaine”. Along with the photo, he also shared a video while being injected with the caption: “worked instantly”. He also said: “The dexamethasone takes 24 to 48 hours. Modern medicine,”. 

The orthopedic surgeon Dr. Peter J. Evans explained that heavy texting can tear a muscle in the thumbs and tendons causing inflammation.

Seems like it has been a rough few weeks for the ‘Jesus is King’ singer,  after dealing with a mental breakdown, his presidential bid and also, for not having his name on ballots for 12 states, including Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Utah after a lawsuit stated that people could throw “away a vote on a disqualified candidate”. Although West already qualified in other states, he will appear on ballots in Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Tennessee, Utah, and Mississippi. He did not qualify in Ohio, Montana, West Virginia, Virginia, Wisconsin, and other states.

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