THE Law Of Attraction

You Are What You Feel. You Create What You Think. Beyond our physical body, our organs and bones, we are energy. You may have heard the saying “Like attracts like” or “Ask, Believe, Receive”. Many simple phrases capture the concept of The Law Of Attraction.

Everything we create comes from a force of energy. That energy starts from our thoughts, however, before our thoughts, come the feelings. If we connect a strong feeling or emotion to a thought, it is the universal law that this MUST become an experience.

For example; If you want to spring clean the house, you do not aimlessly wander around and start cleaning. You have the idea (the thought), followed by the feeling and then take action. Sometimes we “feel” like doing something, and other times, we don’t. Either way, it is produced by either a thought or a feeling.

Our emotions are what create our manifestations. The two most important emotions to ensure you manifest your desires are Passion and Excitement. Take a look back at a time in your life, where you felt genuine passion and excitement. It could have been with regards to a new job, a promotion or the thought of having a child. You may not have been aware, but the moment you felt that genuine passion and excitement, you were visualising the event and by visualising, you were manifesting the thought and feeling into an experience.

The fact that 3% of the population earn approximately 97% of all income, isn’t down to luck. It is down to the fact that they believe and live by the Law Of Attraction. Many people live their lives, the way society tells them to. We become a creature of habit, comparing ourselves to people around us.

By doing this, we live our lives with limited beliefs, therefore, creating a limited lifestyle. One way to create a limitless life is affirmations. Affirmations are a short statement, that you repeat all day, every day but with feeling. For example; If you have a bad “feeling” towards money, then the law is to create a further lack of money.

However, by using an affirmation such as, “money comes to me easily and frequently”, this can change. It is important to note that but just repeating the words, nothing will change.You have to FEEL and BELIEVE in what you are saying.

This particular affirmation is one I put to the test. I even went a step further and created a cheque for a specific amount. I held that cheque in my hand, every night before I went to bed and visualised receiving it. I created the feeling, the thought and the visualisation.

Within a week, I received the exact amount I had asked for. Whilst this may seem far fetched for some, that is because you live with limited beliefs. Why not give it a try yourself? What do you have to lose?

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