Kanye West Ruled To Stay Off Ballot In Wisconsin

The judge ruled on Friday that Kanye West can’t participate in the Wisconsin presidential ballots. 

Wisconsin Supreme Court decided that West doesn’t qualify to be on their presidential ballot after he missed a filing deadline. It was a bipartisan decision by the state elections commission.

A story already told. The state elections commission established that as the rapper was not on time, printing new ballots on his name this late would be expensive and could also cause “confusion and disorder” among voters and may not be feasible.

Brown County Circuit Judge John Zakowski ruled that the state elections commission was correct as the rapper missed a 5 p.m. filing deadline to get on the presidential ballot. A member of West’s staff placed the nominations at 5:01 pm. Although West argued that the deadline did not expire until that time, the commission still voted that he had missed the deadline either by a few seconds or several minutes.

The judge explained: “The unfortunate fact is this dispute could have been avoided had the West representatives simply arrived earlier,” and the added:  “Candidates need to plan ahead and arrive in time to get into the building and file the papers in the office of the commission prior to the deadline, there are no exceptions under the statute or the relevant case law.”

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