Views of a Grumpy Old Man – Music Censorship

Never watched Last Night of the Proms all the way through-not my thing really-but when I heard the BBC were going to ban Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia I was angry.

Yet another ridiculous decision made by-well I don’t actually know by whom. I’m sure it references slavery plus other things that have scared someone. I don’t even know what the words of the songs are but whenever I have seen glimpses of people singing it they don’t appear to be white supremists or at a National Front meeting. Just a bunch of people having a jolly good night out.

Anyway we can stand down now as the Beeb has changed its mind. As an aside when the ban was announced Land of Hope and Glory topped the charts. Joke isn’t it? I really want to write about Trump but to be honest I just don’t have enough space here to list all the lies and hate he pedals so I won’t-unless I’m given more space one week.

I have grey hair, what’s left of it. I now have a five head. My forehead went long ago and when I do have it cut I decline the offer to be shown the back of it in the mirror. I’m happy to remember it as it was–thick, lush and curly, not the shiny space that is now there.

As it’s grey my daughter bought me some special shampoo fora nice silvery look. This is achieved because the shampoo is purple. I read the instructions the best I could and washed me barnet. I now look like my old aunty Doris who used to have a purple rinse. You all know the look I’m talking about. I might have tore-read the instructions.

OK just getting ready to pop out for a quick trip to shops. Checklist-house keys, phone, car keys, sighted sunglasses that my driving licence says I have to wear even though I don’t wear glasses for anything else. Mask, hand sanitizer, exception note from doctor in case I get stopped by the police for getting out of my car and walking to shop without mask on. And, of course, a hat to cover my purple hair!!

Oh now I’ve forgotten why I’m going out. Sod it, I’ll do it another time.Let’s find another box set.

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