Others think it – Leapy Lee Says It! Immigrants – It is not their fault!

Immigrants – It is not their fault!
We really shouldn’t be blaming the immigrants for pouring across the channel in their droves. It’s really not their fault. If you were sitting in a muddy foreign field, rain dripping on your head through the holes in your tatty tarpaul in ceiling and someone showed you a photo of the luxury hotel room you could be occupying by crossing a mere twenty odd miles of fairly safe water, wouldn’t you give it a go?
I know I would. The irony is that the photos and reports they receive are all true. Many of those who have ‘made it,’ actually are sitting in comfortable, free hotel rooms with tele and en-suite bathrooms. Recently I watched Alan Boulton interviewing annex border control chief. ‘What actually happens to the majority of these people when they are picked up ’he asked?  ‘Well´, the ex-chief explained. ‘Ultimately they are all taken somewhere to be processed; we take their particulars and fingerprints and then let them go’!
Apparently, in an act of naivety that almost defies the imagination, they are subsequently instructed to  ‘report back in a couple of weeks’!‘And what percentage complies with this directive’,enquired Boulton. ‘Well er none’, was the reply.Well well, isn’t that a surprise!? He also added that if they do catch up with people, many have already found lawyers and can begin legal proceedings, which may tie up cases for years.The sheer cost of this whole ridiculous state of affairs must be simply staggering.
They really have to do what I suggested years ago. Build camps. Secure facilities with high walls and strict security. They must be run like semi open prisons and be as self-supporting as possible. Immigrants need to be put to work, receive correct medical attention food and accommodation. After proper processing they can then be released into society or deported. Legal aid resources to lawyers must also be severely curtailed.
These ‘immigrant chasing’ sharks area huge drain on tax payer’s money and are a large part of the problem. The message that goes back across the channel has to change. It simply cannot appear to offer desperate people a kind of utopian Shangri-La, with free legal aid to explore a multitude of loopholes in a system that already resembles a terminally perforated colander.For heaven’s sake someone get a grip.
The UK is rapidly losing control and when it hits the fan, don’t look to the likes of Gary Lineker to solve the problem-it just ain´t going to happen. Delighted to see the awful Kay Burley’s new show being slated by the critics.This bitchy egotistical woman, who laughingly sees herself as a ‘probing’ reporter, is nothing more than a nasty bitter individual who, if she wasn’t a major shareholder, would have been put out to graze by SKY news years ago.
Constructive noises issuing from the mouth of Tim Davies the new Director General of the BBC. Let’s just see if he puts his money any where in its vicinity. Keep the faith Love Leapy.
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