YouTube To Launch YouTube Shorts, Will Compete With TikTok

YouTube crashed worldwide and videos disappeared

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Youtube announced that it will launch a new short-form video creator called YouTube Shorts, similar to the move Instagram did with Reels. 
The giant technology company hopes to take some attention away from TikTok with Youtube Shorts, they have previously commented on the idea but now they are launching an early beta beginning in India. There is no estimated date for when this new option will appear in other countries, including the United States.
The app’s highlight will be the music as there will be an “in-product music picker feature,” with 100,000s of tracks and they have been working with music artists, labels, and publishers to make more of their content available to continue expanding their catalog. The Shorts will appear on the homepage in a special row. 
Susan Wojcicki, the company’s CEO, said: “We actually have introduced stories on YouTube and we’ve actually seen our creators really engage with the stories,” and then added: “That would be an example of really short-form content. So we will definitely continue to innovate in all the different format sizes, including really short-form video.”
“We want to enable the next generation of mobile creators to also grow a community on YouTube with Shorts.”, she concluded.

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