Brainwashing the world!

This week’s blurb has been partially drawn from the input provided by a member of my small band of faithful contributors to whom I shall be eternally grateful. It is for those of us consistently bamboozled by the pure guff put out by some of our main media outlets; those large numbers of reports that we know have almost no resemblance to actual events. The high powered people are brainwashing the world!

Have no fear, you are not going crazy-you are being ‘Gaslighted’! Gaslighting is a form of brain washing, aimed at controlling people by altering reality to a point where those targeted begin to doubt their own sanity. The term comes from a 1930’s play, where the main character drives his wife insane by slowly dimming the gas powered lights. When she notices the lights are dimming, he not only denies it, but convinces her it is her imagination to a point where she questions her own sanity.

We are constantly being told by the media of situations which are at complete odds with what we are seeing with our own eyes. We see disruption and rioting and are told it is peaceful protesting. We see murderers running amok and killing people while screaming Allah Akbar and are told they are not terrorist related.

Particularly over the last twelve months, we have seen a positive tsunami of non-white actors and mixed marriages utterly disproportionately featured on almost 90% of our TV advertising, and are informed that black actors and artists are still being discriminated against. We are told that integration and diversity is working, yet we witness whole towns being taken over by foreign cultures.

We observe areas of our cities being terrorized by non white gangs and are told it is the fault of the police. You spend your life trying to treat all individuals as equals and abhor racism, but are told you are a privileged racist purely because of the color of your skin. You know you are not and that the accusation in itself is racist, but when you try to defend yourself you are told that your defence is proof of your racism.

You are told you live in an environment of true freedom of speech, yet when you speak out you are accused of bigotry and discrimination. Worry not. You are not losing your minds. Crazy people don’t question their sanity. These media perpetrators deal in lies and psychological coercion. What their ultimate aims are is utterly beyond my comprehension.

What I do know however is that we have to believe the evidence of our own eyes. Trust your own observations; believe what you perceive as the truth. You’re not crazy. Your being Gaslighted. Good luck everyone! Many thanks to the gentleman who wrote in to inform me that as SKY had been taken over by ComcastKay Burley can no longer be a shareholder in the company.

I categorically withdraw my historic observation and can only assume she has friends in some very high places. Keep the faith.

Love Leapy

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