Disneyland Set To Reopen Soon In California 

After several weeks of pressure, the governor of California will reopen Disneyland “very, very shortly.”

THE amusement industry and tourism-dependent cities are asking California Gov Gavin Newsom to restart activities as soon as possible, and under pressure on Wednesday, he said that he will reopen Disneyland and other parks shortly. Disneyland in Florida has already opened. 

Newsom said: “We will be making announcements soon as it relates to theme parks and amusement parks,” and then added:  “I am not here today to make that presentation, but want folks to know we are actively working in a number of sectors.”

The decision came as the reopening, even if it is partial, will help the state’s economy as a big part comes from tourism. 

The mayor of Anaheim, Harry Sidhu, explained to Newsom both the economic havoc that the pandemic has caused in the city and how it might be able to reopen safely. He said: “Make no mistake. This is not a choice between public health and the economy,” and then continued: “There is a path forward that guards against new cases and restores our economy.”

Also, CAPA’s executive director Erin Guerrero said: “California’s amusement parks urge the governor to issue amusement park guidelines expeditiously so these vital community attractions can reopen their doors in a responsible manner and get residents back to work.”

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