Do not believe in Defeat!

The polar opposite to defeat, is of course, victory. To be triumphant and overcome is something that not only creates that exhilarating feeling of success, but allows one that sense of fulfilment that we have won and conquered, whatever aspect or area of our life we are working towards.

So why is it, that we can witness so many amazing achievements by others and so often dismiss anything out of the ordinary for ourselves? You may be familiar with the quote. ’You are your own worst enemy.’ You have possibly never really thought any more about that quote, other than the mere suggestion that it’s probably our own doing. So, how do we go from defeat to victory and join the ranks of victors in life?

Firstly, we need to take the battle to  ´ourselves ‘ but therein lies the problem. Aristotle was attributed to saying  ´It is a great victory if we can conquer our self’ and that’s exactly what we need to do first, before doing anything else. We are getting in our own way by creating reasons not to achieve.Draw a line through the word defeat and say goodbye to any thoughts that may entertain it, defeat is no longer welcome and does not serve us.

Secondly, look at the mental obstacles you put in your own way, obstacles that stop you from progressing, and remove them. Most of them are excuses to justify the belief that you cannot achieve something. I was once asked, what if a person ́s obstacles were just too big? My reply, ‘simply walk around them.’ This was just an analogy of course but the point is, there is always another way to get to where you want, as opposed to falling at the first hurdle and giving up.

When you start to believe you can really achieve something, focus on the end result, don’t be afraid, and by doing so, the so-called obstacles, excuses and reasons why you cannot do something, start to become subject to defeat. Once you decide to stand up, attack it and not retreat, you will discover the bully boy tactics will begin to dissipate. It is your choice, either you break or the obstacle breaks. It is your battle to win and yours alone.

However, going forward, your newly found belief in yourself will invariably reach a point where just as things are progressing nicely, that old enemy starts to get in the way again, which is where your biggest challenge is. You may find yourself in a negative thought pattern of  ‘oh well, I gave it a good try’ or ‘I did my best.’ Therefore, resigning yourself to defeat. This is when everything seems to be against you.

This is the point where you make that crucial decision, give up or continue. The choice you make will determine your outcome.You may think and truly believe that the obstacles which you face in life are real, which of course, to some extend they are, whatever form they present.

However, it’s your attitude towards them which is key to defeating them, and it starts with you. The quote ’there is no victory without a battle’ is very true. So do not submit to defeat, choose victory. Break through the obstacles and start to watch the miracles unfold.

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