Life after death and all the trendy new ways you can leave your mark on the world

FROM an early age we are all well aware of the fact this life we are living will end but little did we know that science would give us so many options for an alternative afterlife experience.

Checking out is almost trendy now. You can have your ashes sent into space so you become actual space dust. The downside is the death part, but let’s put that to one side for a bit as we explore the possibilities which are out there. Burial alternatives have never really existed before, outside of cremation and a few of the below – keep your eye out for Dissolution and maybe threaten your spouse with this next time you fall out. Once you find your burial alternative, get it in writing on your funeral plan so your family know your wishes. Its also a good idea to talk through your wishes before making a decision, a lot of people find comfort in traditions.

Speaking with Emma a funeral plan expert from Golden Leaves she explained ‘More and more people are looking at eco-friendly alternatives to a normal burial and exploring quirky options. There are so many new and innovative ways being developed to allow your body to become part of the earth again, it’s truly remarkable what can be done now. The biggest problem is how other family members feel about it, for the most part, the older generations prefer to keep things traditional because they take comfort from having a grave to visit and a place to pay tribute to their loved ones.’

Here’s a list of some of the most original afterlife alternatives out there.


Cryonics is still being researched to this day. By freezing the body, it is believed that the person could one day be revived through advances in technology. Cryogenic freezing is the method of being frozen without damaging tissue. I would request a memory foam mattress if I was going to be ‘sleeping’ for quite some time, I imagine the backache would be quite shocking once you were revived.

Tree Planting

One of the newest talked about burials is having your ashes placed into the soil with a seed to plant a tree, which doesn’t affect the trees DNA. This is a wonderful way of being buried by being great for the environment and giving a special meeting place for family and friends to gather and remember the dead.

Space Burial

It’s never too late to go to space. Space Burials are practised by launching ashes, or for an incredibly higher cost, the full remains of the deceased into space via a rocket. Although this isn’t the eco-friendliest way to be buried, it sure is one of the most interesting. And expensive.


Dissolution is the quick and easy process of a body being placed into a tank of strong chemicals, causing it to dissolve, rapidly breaking down the body’s cells. Often, the body is separated from limb to limb to save space and speed up the dissolution process. Like something from your worst nightmares or a serial killer documentary.


Plastination of the body is a process of removing all liquids from the body, whilst allowing only tissue mass to remain, preserving it and preventing the body from decaying. Incredibly the body is then turned in a plastic-like a mannequin and used for educational purposes. A little like a real-world Madam Tussauds.

Memorial Diamonds

One for the ladies, if she loves Diamonds. Memorial diamonds are made by pressurising hair or ashes of the deceased, in the same way, real diamonds are made, but quicker. This can then be made into jewellery or as a keepsake of your loved ones.

Body Donation

When you die, some organs can remain healthy. Body and organ donations are extremely important following the advances in modern medicine and can often save lives or improve the lives of those with serious conditions. Before organ donation was possible, bodies were often used for medical experiments.

Become a Coral Reef

Ironic really that as humans destroy Coral around the world, they could one day contribute to saving it through their own death. There are many ways to become ‘one with the earth’ when you die as we have discussed and now becoming a Coral Reef is one of them. Certain companies now place your ashes into a natural reef mould, which is then deposited into the sea as a Coral Reef burial. This will attract colourful sea life and create a wonderful spot for a bit of scuba diving. A little more fun than going visiting a gravestone.

Get turned into a Firework

As we have seen, there are many imaginative, and experimental ways to spread someone’s ashes or bury them but this is the most explosive. Ashes are simply added to a firework and BANG…a colourful and quick goodbye.

Vinyl Compression

This is a great idea for DJ’s and music lovers. This allows your ashes to be compressed into a vinyl record of your favourite song. You can even leave a voice message for loved ones to play so you can speak from the grave.

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