Never judge a book by its cover: or a wine by its label!

Ever heard of the saying, never judge a book by its cover? Well, how about never judge a book by its cover, or a wine by its label!

In certain aspects this is a very good quote to live by however when it comes to shopping, your eyes are instantly going to seek something that is aesthetically pleasing, especially the younger generation.

This is this case with most 20-40-year olds in Britain, when deciding on a wine, instead of reading about the grapes, the year, the producer or country they go straight for the coolest label. A lot of customers buy products with their eyes, and by finding the outside pleasing it is instantly attached to the thought that the quality will be great too.

The fact we now live in a world that is based around social media, a big aspect that pulls younger customers in is knowing they can go home, put on a nice little spread and have a lovely labelled wine bottle in the background.

There are many wine producers that have got in contact with graphic designers, artists, cartoonists to try and bring a more fun and creative vibe, to reach a different age range. Legally, all that needs to be shown on a wine bottle is the alcohol level and if there are any allergens that customers should be aware of. Artists have so much space to bring artwork alive, and make something that doesn’t only draw in 20-30- year olds but also 30 and above.

Studies have shown that descriptions of wine affect the buyers more than what has been perceived. Moving or heart-warming descriptions, usually make consumers pay more for the product, as it is raising their appreciation for that product [wine]. Wine is not just an alcoholic beverage, it also has some great history behind it, and some wineries still want the appreciation for farming, growing, and producing their wine to be their main selling point.

Although many young people enjoy the eye catching colours and designs of new wine labels, there are many people, especially older people who enjoy seeing heraldic colours, like silver and gold with not much else on the label, it shows a greater effect of authenticity on pleasure, so there really are two completely different views and intentions to buying wine.

So, when you are next purchasing a bottle of wine, try not to just grab the bottle with craziest label, or most outrageous name. Try looking up which one is of the best quality and taste for you, or if you genuinely enjoy the aesthetically side to wine labels, then just grab the most spectacular one that your eyes are drawn to.

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