A minor has been arrested for an attack in Jaén

A minor has been arrested for an attack in Jaén. A girl that had been seen attacking another girl by pulling her hair along with kicking and slapping her has been arrested by the National Police.

The National Police have also identified the two other girls who were seen laughing whilst eating ´pipas` (Spanish sunflower seeds). The whole incident was recorded on a mobile phone, and posted on social media platforms.

The girl who was arrested is being held at the police station. The video has gone viral showing the minor perform the brutal attack, whilst hearing her friends laughing and shouting in the background.

The incident happened on the 12th of September, in Jaén. Although the victim hid the facts and injuries from her parents. She did not file a complaint until the 15th of September.

The National Police are investigating the two girls who witnessed the attack and did not react or call the police. They have already identified the person that recorded and posted the attack online.

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