From bows to rows of celebrities!

From bows to rows of celebrities, lining up for Datsa’s product. Imagine going from having £1.50 in your pocket to having a very successful company working with celebrities, and having a unique brand that allows you to travel all over the world.

A woman called Datsa Gaile had £1.50 in her pocket when she decided to go to  the shops and bought some ribbon and some batteries for light up bows, and ended up selling over a hundred of them on facebook.

That is when the mother of two changed her mindset and realised it was possible to succeed and her business mind took over. She had always wanted to work in the events industry, and had tried for years to build herself a company, and this is just what she needed.

In 2019 she came across a sequin wall whilst scrolling through Instagram and came to realise the UK had nothing like that to offer, she bought a wall from a Russian manufacturer and used it in for an event in London.

As these walls begun to be seen by everyone, four weeks later a convention in Los Angeles asked her to set up some walls. The convention included Kelly Baker as the guest speaker, Kim Kardashian’s eye brow artist.

Datsa has said that the walls are environmentally friendly and safe to have in the house, which also makes her brand more unique. She also got a message one night asking for her to set up a sequin wall in Amanda Holden’s dressing room for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. She has worked for celebrities a few times, and they just seem to be more and more interested in the product!

Being a mother to two boys, she also has the helping hands of them, as the business is growing every day. Datsa Gaile teaches a masterclass for how she succeeded, teaching business and interior design. She has over 55k followers on instagram and has over seven million views on her tiktok. The incredible business minded mum is being nominated in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. We wish her luck!

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