Tapas in Spain and the UK

Well let’s be honest… Who doesn’t love tapas? The good thing about the world modernising is different countries introducing new FOODS! We’re here to discuss tapas in Spain and the UK.

Spanish people love their traditional tapas like; albondigas (meatballs), jamon serrano and manchego cheese and a lovely bottle of wine or beer to top it all off. You can grab tapas in most restaurants and also in most local supermarkets.

Let’s discuss what lunch time is like here in Spain in comparison to the UK. In Spain, we enjoy a very relaxed life style whether it be eating, drinking or socialising. Due to the fact that we start and finish our day later here, it gives us a longer break for lunch. The lunch break, or ´siesta break´ we have is usually spent having a big three course meal, or many portions of tapas and of course, accompanied by a few glasses of wine or beer.

The British do admittedly prefer a more productive day. Perhaps a lot more stressful but they also do shorter hours.  Most people that go on their lunch break only take around half an hour to eat then go straight back to work, and some even skip lunch! The UK is a place where you need to do everything then and there whereas Spain has a very different outlook. A very popular saying here is “lo hacemos mañana”, meaning “we’ll do it tomorrow”.

Many tourists that come over to Spain appreciate the food much more because it is ate in the sun, it’s easy, it’s delicious and best of all it’s cheap. A lot of the time British tourists go back to the UK, finding themselves missing and craving the food. Britain now have many different tapas restaurants, along with a range of tapas to choose from at the shops.

The tapas here is amazing as it is made by locals, cooked with love and experience. However, the tapas restaurants that have opened back in the UK have some of the best world-renowned Spanish chefs. Bringing the Spanish culture all the way back to the UK.

Do you miss tapas when you leave Spain, and do you think Britain’s tapas is just as nice as here?

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