BLM: are you oblivious?

Throughout this whole surge of racial diversity and BLM furor, one fact is becoming abundantly clear; namely the hatred that vast numbers of black people have for their white counter parts! It is also becoming blatantly obvious, that the majority of the white population have been sailing on completely oblivious to this deep resentment that has obviously been festering in the hearts of people of colour for generations.

Some of the postings on social media have been extremely disquieting to say the least–and the divide is now growing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately hatred breeds hatred and due to these revelations, droves of white people, who have never before had a discriminatory bone in their body are becoming totally confused. Many, who have actually revered black artists and sports people over the years, are now becoming painfully aware that they themselves are in fact intensely disliked merely for the colour of their skin.

Subsequently they have begun to develop racist tendencies of their own. Basically all the appeasement and patronizing attitudes of the left, (particularly the BBC) are driving a wedge between black and white which is raising the levels of enmity to very dangerous levels indeed. This latest ‘Racial Bias Guide’, published by the BBC is a typical case in point. Some of its directives are utterly ridiculous. Their sports commentators have been instructed to find other descriptions for ‘pace and ‘power when describing the play of black football players. Apparently the use of these words is ‘racial stereotyping’ and implies that the talent of these players is down to physical strength and not intelligence. Have you ever heard such utter poppy cock in your life?

Picture the scene. Commentator. ‘Now, here comes Sterling speeding down the wing; the intelligence in those legs is simply inspiring. His level of mental ability is standing him in great stead and he shows an intimate understanding of the geometrics of the field, plus his boot striking the ball at exactly the right angle gives one a clear inkling that his knowledge of the theory of Pythagoras is firmly entrenched in his psyche’. Give us a break, much of the talent of any footballer lies in his pace and power.

True they also need a certain level of intelligence and understanding of the game, but Einstein’s they certainly don’t have to be. Describing a black footballer as having ‘pace and power’ is actually a great compliment. To interpret it as being form of racism is utterly ridiculous and shows just what a waste of space these leftie bigots are.

Their ability to stir up racism where it never before existed is dangerous in the extreme and if the whole sorry exercise leads to violence and conflict, the blame lies firmly at their doorstep. Personally I think they should be brought to book for racial incitement.

They are causing more division and racial tension that has ever been perceived before. And I for one am pretty well convinced that many of them are perfectly aware of the fact!

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