Thousands of NHS staff absent due to delayed test results

Thousands of NHS staff absent due to delayed test results. Many nurses and GPs have not been able to attend work because there have been delays with all the coronavirus test results.

Due to all the people wanting or needing to receive the test to perhaps start work or because they are ill, it has caused some major delays. When usually getting the results back should be a 48-72 hour period has now turned into a week of waiting.

Many NHS that have had the coronavirus test are now self-isolating as they cannot risk infecting anyone in the hospitals or outside. The absences of some of the NHS staff were expected due to such a high peak at this moment.

Considering there are non-related coronavirus patients still in hospital the doctors are especially worried about the other deathly diseases including; cancer patients, blood diseases and so on. It is worrying to have such a delay when the doctors that are absent could potentially save the patients.

Owing to the reopening of schools, offices and more restaurants and bars the demand for COVID-19 tests have sky rocketed. In some places people are being asked to travel many miles to receive a test, unknown whether they are or not carrying the disease. This could lead to a potential mass spreading.

Given the situation Britain are in, they cannot afford to have as any absences from the NHS staff as they have now. They need doctors and nurses to keep everything more balanced, and to be able with the influx of patients. If the GPS, doctors and nurses physically can’t get tested themselves because of the delays then they cannot keep treating patients if the staff believe they are positive due to exposure.

Of course, the NHS staff are first in the queue as they are the ones helping throughout the whole epidemic, along with any caretakers, teachers and members of the public that have serious symptoms. The COVID-19 testing will also be focusing on areas of Britain that have very high numbers of the virus, and people that have the most severe symptoms.

There are over 410,000 cases in the UK at the minute, with number rising instead of dropping. COVID-19 has ruined so many things, and is continuing to do so, but hopefully with further testing they can provide a cure sooner rather than later.

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