Anyone need some extra energy?

Anyone need some extra energy? COFFEE is the answer!

This year’s working world has changed as so many people are working from home. Not being able to get a coffee from a shop or a simple instant coffee at work, has given people the motivation to find the perfect cup of coffee. The world of coffee is a mass industry; different flavoured beans, syrups, milk and creamers. The varieties are endless.

With all of this being said if you are a simple instant coffee drinker then you want to start off slow. Instant coffee has already been brewed and been processed and preserved in packaging. Whereas ground coffee is washed and roasted before packaged. By switching to roast and ground coffee it is allowing you to experiment but still keep it simple.

When coffee beans are exposed to bad odours in the fridge, they will suck up the odour. Causing the beans to taste terrible, so store then in a cupboard instead of the fridge. Each person has different likes and dislikes, coffee can range from light and fruity to burnt. Some smell like caramel, and others taste nutty, finding the right taste for you is important.

Many people who drink coffee everyday prefer to grind their own beans as it is stronger and nicer this way. Some prefer a simpler life and buy pre-ground. Coffee changes the most depending on what and how you are drinking it. Milk, like almond, skimmed or whole milk can make the coffee that bit more distinctive.

Not everyone enjoys sugar in their coffee, not everyone drinks milk and not everyone likes hot coffee. All of these are variables to drinking coffee. Who would have thought drinking coffee would be such an art?

Here is the best advice: buy whichever coffee you like, or would like to try and change the variables, like the milk, the sugar, the pre-grounded beans or the syrups you might use.

Coffee keeps a lot of us awake, make sure you enjoy it. Experiment as much as you can to find your PERFECT cup of coffee. You’ll never want to go to a café again!

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