Mutant COVID-19 strain

Everyone knows of coronavirus now, but there are actually different strains coming from COVID-19, more dangerous and more powerful. Scientists and researchers have physically watched the virus morph into new structures.

The research is taking place as doctors want to be able to catch the next virus quickly, but doctors fear these diseases will be able to pass through masks. As the new Mutant COVID-19 strain has become relevant, there have been many researchers working it it. There are punishments for not wearing the masks, which includes getting a fine. However, no matter what is being done the virus does not seem to be slowing down, the spreading is happening so quickly as it is so contagious.

A well-known virologist, David Morens has spoken out about the virus discussing that although we are taking all these measures to stop the spreading the virus it seems to be immune to all of them. There are strict guidelines placed all over the world, in bathrooms, outside of shops, everywhere; wash and sanitise your hands, use a mask, and avoid touching things.

A viral spike protein is like a key that “unlocks the door” to gain access to the cells of a specific host – humans, in this case. The ‘spike protein’s’ structure ranges helping it to be more infectious and more powerful. Of course, because the virus is getting used to our methods of trying to abolish it, the virus just gets stronger because it is mutating every day.

When you catch coronavirus, you are evidently more contagious, this basically means that when you cough, you are spreading the disease everywhere. You use your hands to cover your mouth when you cough, then touch other objects or people. Even if you go to put the tap on to wash your hands you are also spreading the virus onto the tap, for the next person to touch.

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    • sean

      25 September 2020 • 12:27

      what a complete load of…..

      • John Goodhew

        25 September 2020 • 23:42

        Would be very interested in knowing your thoughts, and to why you have such thoughts.
        Sean, I await.

    • vincent backhouse

      25 September 2020 • 23:14

      Just maybe, if governments stopped paying scientists to create deadly viruses and weapons of mass destruction, we could all start to live in peace. How much prosperity and life has been destroyed by these power crazed people in the last one hundred years?

    • vincent backhouse

      25 September 2020 • 23:20

      Agenda 21 is here ladies and gentlemen. When liberty is lost it is hard to recover it. So put on your masks. Get in the queue to the food market and keep your distance. Stay silent and OBEY!

    • Pete Sergio

      26 September 2020 • 09:40

      Complete load of truth.? I hope you meant

      I hope that’s what you mean. As burying your head in the sand will also not protect you.

      It only takes one idiot not to follow the rules. Then many more get infected, trouble is there are millions
      of idiots out there.


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