What is your preferred food?

Everyone has their own acquired tastes and guilty pleasures, so what is your favourite? Let’s dive into the difference between British food shops and Spanish food shops!

Many expats live here in Spain and we have shops from all over the world; from English food shops, French food shops, Danish to Swedish shops. There are a range of different kinds. Wherever you’re from in the world, there is most definitely a shop for you!

What we are going to discuss today are English food shops in comparison to Spanish food shops. Almost everyone has a guilty pleasure from back in the UK that they might miss, it could be sweets, crisps or a particular drink. We have shops like Iceland and a new Tesco that can cater to those very needs.

Although it is a different country, we still have a very large number of expats, so there has been a large demand for British foods. Iceland have a wide selection of British goods even going as far as magazines, books and stationery that can’t be found in Spanish shops. Iceland mainly stocks very processed foods, like canned foods, microwaveable dishes and an array of sweets and crisps. Now, although this is okay to have sometimes, having it in abundance can prove to be a very unbalanced diet.

Spanish shops provide much fresher and healthy produce. It’s a fact that the Spanish population live longer than most other people, even though Spain is known for its heavy alcohol consumption and smoking habits. Spanish know how to have fun! They live longer because of their Mediterranean diet full of; fish, meat and lots of fruits and vegetables. When expats move over here to Spain it usually means they enjoy a new variety of foods and a completely different lifestyle.

Of course, we are biased towards Spanish foods as living here means you eat a certain way for cheap but it does really help become a healthier person. Other than eating healthy, Spanish also live a very outdoor lifestyle. Sports can be done outside; restaurants have more outdoor space than indoor and most of the time going home to sit out on the balcony or in the garden is how to finish the night.

Yes, Spanish food allows us to live a longer and healthier life. Undoubtedly the way of life here can be much more enjoyable, the wide range of food in Spanish shops means delicious concoctions paired with… you guessed it, WINE or BEER! so what is your preferred food?

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