A 16-year-old teenager found her mum murdered

A 16-year-old teenager found her mum murdered. Magdalena Pacult was found by her daughter after being brutally murdered. Meanwhile the killer crept around the house.

On New Year’s Day Magdalena Pacult’s teenage daughter, Wiktoria Bartnik found her mother covered in blood. Dead. The autopsy reports later revealed that the mother was brutally beaten and smothered.

Piort Cichy was the murderer, after he had beaten and smothered Magdalena, the killer stayed creeping around the house. All whilst Wiktoria was still upstairs. The distraught daughter called the emergency services and did well not to reveal herself to the killer.

The emergency services were able to hear her disclose the fact that the murderer was still in the house. They told her to stay on the phone. The night previous to the murder, the mother and daughter had slept in the daughter’s room. When Wiktoria awoke her mother was not there. Frantically she began searching the house and found her mother’s lifeless body on her own bed.

The murderer, Piort Cichy has been threatening towards both Magdalena and Wiktoria in the past. He repeatedly banged on Wiktoria Bartnik’s door but she did not respond. Wiktoria was on the call when the police arrived and she let out an almighty scream. She had held it in for the whole six minutes she waited for the emergency services to arrive.

Piort Cichy and Magdalena Pacult were boyfriend and girlfriend before he attacked her, he accused Wiktoria’s father of murdering her mother. Cichy tried blaming Wiktoria for the murder, implying she had left the doors unlocked in the family home.

The jury collectively agreed to sentence Piort Cichy to a minimum of nineteen years. Piort Cichy has to now live with the branding of a sardonic liar as well as a manipulator.

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