Climate change protests during COVID-19

Climate change protests during COVID-19. People all over the world took to the streets for a special day to resume their climate change protests.

Most of this year has revolved around the epidemic, coronavirus. Many people forgetting how serious the issue of climate change really is. With the restrictions that the population has to abide by now, protesting has proved difficult.

Social media is a massive platform, and hasn’t stopped people arranging to protest in 3,500 destinations around the world. Having to stand two-meters away from each person at a protest can be difficult, as well as a limited amount of people in one area.

The youth of today have cracked the code and shown how dedicated they are to the cause. One of the youngest leading environmental activists, Greta Thunberg didn’t let COVID-19 stop her showing her support. She was front line of a strike in Sweden and posted many updates on her social media. Each person at the 50-person strike were standing 6 feet apart.

Although the protests were much smaller this year in comparison to last year they were still effective. Last year over 6 million people took part. There was also an on-going 24-hour Zoom call for activists raising awareness of the problems in their areas.

Earth’s glaciers are losing 390 billion tons of ice and snow a year, this affects everything. Countries all over the world have stepped up however it is a very slow process. The UK have set in place a ban to stop the sale of diesel and petrol cars 2030. Attempting to cut down on carbon emissions to almost zero in the space of 20-30 years.

To clarify ‘The Paris Agreement’ is an arrangement that was made by all nations that cared about how global warming can be fought. This cause is to fight climate change the best way possible. To adapt to its effect, and support developing countries that are being majorly affected.

Donald Trump has scheduled that the United States of America, the country with the second highest carbon footprint will leave the agreement this year. Joe Biden the man running in the presidential election has guaranteed to join as he agrees it is a good cause.

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