WHO warns of Flu vaccine shortage

WHO warns of Flu vaccine shortage. All due to the demand rising and the scarcity of production.

Due to the increased demand of the flu vaccine, the World Health Organization have informed the population that there may be a major shortage. Every year people are recommended to get a flu shot as a preventative measure. Especially in countries of the southern hemisphere.

The normal flu virus can be deadly, and kills thousands every year, as the flu can worsen into respiratory problems. Although because of the high demand and lack of production this means there are some people that are more of a priority for the vaccination than others.

The elderly, health workers, pregnant women, people with diseases and children are amongst the prioritised people. In addition to the potential shortage of the flu vaccine, there are many countries that need the influenza vaccine. However cannot receive it as the demand has risen so much.

Although the flu vaccine can’t cure COVID-19 the shot can still protect them to a certain extent. The WHO have cautioned the world’s population not to start slacking on the safety measures set in place for COVID-19, as they may not get the shot due to not being in the prioritised groups.

The flu and COVID-19 can be hard to distinguish between, which is why doctors want people up-to-date with their vaccine. The WHO are pushing for more production of the vaccine as they do not want to turn people away due to not being able to provide a safety measure that everyone has the right to.

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