A socially distanced Halloween!

A socially distanced Halloween! All holidays have been and will be strange this year! Social distancing has never been a relevant issue, but now these are the rules we have to abide by. That didn’t stop this dad!

Halloween is a fun and enjoyable holiday for most people Halloween is all about people going up to the front doors of people’s houses to ‘trick or treat’. This year families have had to come up with new and improved ways to still enjoy Halloween.

COVID-19 will not ruin these special holidays. A family man and massive Halloween fan in Ohio has made a magical invention, keeping the holiday spirit in order. The invention is a candy chute, it a long ‘slide’ that people will throw the candy down for the kids to receive it on the other end. A socially distanced Halloween.

The creator of the candy chute, Andrew Beattie had been thinking of this idea even before the coronavirus restrictions. His original thought was to make it for children/ adults with mobility issues. If the neighbours have stairs or hard to reach houses, they can set up the candy chute and let the candy find its ways.

Andrew Beattie and his six-year-old daughter created it together, they used a very long and wide shipping tube, and decorated it with appropriate colours and designs. He placed the chute on his stair railing and tested it out, lucky enough, IT WORKS!

He explained the population have different views on coronavirus, some very wary and other completely unbothered. Having a fun contraption like this could get more people to appreciate boundaries more than they had before. It is also a very thoughtful invention for not who are not as able-bodied as others.

Beattie has since gone viral for his candy chute, and made people all over the world build something similar so we can all enjoy Halloween! Have a SPOOKY time!

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