Infecting subjects with COVID-19

Purposefully infecting trial subjects with COVID-19 to test vaccine. There are over 2,000 volunteers that have signed up for the experiment.

Many British people are volunteering to become part of abolishment of the disease through a vaccine. The volunteers will be vaccinated with the potential preventative, and will be later introduced to the COVID-19 disease to see if the vaccine is successful.

The human trials will be scheduled to start in January of next year, 2021. The volunteers will be experimented on in Whitechapel, east London in a very secure address. There have over 2,000 possible candidates that want to take place in finding the right vaccine.

Testing on humans can be a very disputable topic, many people believe It is not ethical, and many believing it’s the only way you can really see if the vaccine will achieve what it needs to. The disease can leave some long-term side effects, especially in younger volunteers, such chronic fatigue and so on.

However, due to the virus spreading so quickly across the world scientists are being pressured to speed up the process of experimenting and producing. The main issue of the vaccine is knowing whether or not it will completely cure the disease or help diminish the symptoms.

Scientists and doctors are slowly understanding more about the virus but still need more information on the patients that have mild symptoms and also victims that have extreme symptoms. The volunteers will have to go through medical tests and treatments to make sure they are healthy. Although some will have the variables that the scientists are looking for like having underlying medical issues.

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