Japan Airlines are changing their ways!

Japan Airlines are changing their ways! Japan Airlines have now vowed to avoid using any gender pronouns that may offend some people.

The airlines are now abstaining from using gender pronouns. Instead of their welcoming speech of “good morning ladies and gentleman” it will be “good morning everyone”.

The broader pronouns make the airline more inviting to a wider range of people, as they won’t feel discriminated against. Considerable amounts of airlines have had similar changes, in awareness and respect for the non-binary and transgender flyers. The new changes will take place on the 1st of October as their new perspectives and ways will prove acceptance of their customers.

Japan Airlines have spoken out and said they aim to have a more positive space, a sort of safe space for their many different customers. Whether it be gender, age, race, religion, disabilities or sexual orientation the company have pledged to avoid any discrimination.

Japan has always been known as a rather conservative country, homosexuality was seen as unthinkable and same-sex marriage is still illegal. Although Japan has been growing and showing more support for the LGBT community.

The Japan Airlines have also released news that the feminist campaign has fought and convinced the company that flight attendants shouldn’t be made to wear high heels. They will be allowed to wear trousers and shoes instead if they please.

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