Boy and puppy with the same condition!

A little boy with a cleft lip has found his new best friend in a puppy with the same condition!

This little boy’s father got his little boy the most amazing and unforgettable present ever. When he walked into an animal shelter looking for chicken he came out with an extra special animal.

He adopted a beautiful back and white puppy with a cleft lip, the exact same as his little boy. The father thought the likeness was too few and far between and decided he would be perfect. The little puppy will make an amazing companion for the little boy as he won’t feel any different or discriminated against.

Bentley, the little boy who is two years old could not have been any happier to receive such an incredible gift. Ashley Boyers is the mother to the extraordinary boy and has exclaimed her contentment over adopting the puppy.

The shelter is also over the moon for the puppy as the animal couldn’t have gone to a nicer and more welcoming family. They will treat the puppy will love and care , and the boy will grow up knowing that he is no different.

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