Do you want to sleep like a baby?

Do you want to sleep like a baby? Many of us feel like we haven’t had a good nights sleep since we were babies. Well, here are some tips to get that sleep pattern back!

Sleeping can be such a difficult task for so many of us! Insomnia affects over 45% of the world’s population, and just keeps increasing. One major reason for sleep deprivation is people’s work hours, and also stress. We live in a world where stress overcomes everything, unfortunately. Most people’s lives revolve around stress therefore causing their terrible sleep patterns.

COVID-19 has also taken over many people’s thoughts and sleep patterns. The virus has caused so much depression throughout the world, and still continues on its rampage of horror. Many are worrying about their jobs, children, parents and all-in-all just their daily lives. Here are some tips to help regain control of your sleep routine. Some of these pieces of advice might seem silly, but they can work if you are willing to try.


Having a clean environment can help with your sleep pattern. Your mind sleeps peacefully knowing you don’t have piles of clutter. A clean room directly links to cleaner thoughts; therefore, you will be able to sleep peacefully.


Sitting on your electronic devices, phones, tablets or computers up until you close your eyes can be seriously damaging. Blue-light actually gives off the illusion that it is still day-time, so when you are sat on your phone at night, attached to the screen it sends signals to your brain telling you to stay awake. Put down your phone, read a book, and drift off into a well-needed slumber.


Having your room at a low temperature can help you sleep as well as having your bedroom completely dark. Your brain is being told that it’s night time, these two factors play into your sleeping pattern as you will drop into a deeper, healthy sleep.


Yes, have a coffee or two but avoid having one close to when you are going to try and sleep. Caffeine intake after noon is a bad idea if you are trying to achieve a good night’s sleep as caffeine can stay in your body for up to 7 hours.


Buy a mattress that is comfortable for you, whether it’s firm, soft, springy or made of memory foam. Do you research! Having a comfortable mattress isn’t the only thing involved in having a great sleep pattern, make sure your pillows and quilt/sheets are pleasant for you.


A sleep routine will be your best friend! Sticking to a schedule can actually really help insomnia. Base your day around a routine, go home and get organised, use your electronic devices, shower and so on. When it gets to around an hour or two before you want to try to sleep, set your alarms and put your phone on silent.  Get into this routine and you will slowly start to see the results.


Everyone and their mothers tell people to drink lots of water but it really is the problem to a lot of things. It helps dry skin, acne, bad stomachs, and so on. There are endless reasons why water is amazing for your body.

Hopefully you will be able to enjoy a nice pleasant slumber, try to use these tips. Several of these tips may be difficult to stick to, but in the long-run you live a healthier and all round better lifestyle!

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