Are Subway rolls classed as bread?

Are Subway rolls classed as bread? Subway’s bread contains too much sugar to be classed as bread.

 The beloved restaurant chain, Subway is being challenged in court over high amounts of sugar. Apparently, the bread is too sugary to even be thought of as a savoury product.

In contrast a franchise of the brand in Ireland have declared that they should not be paying VAT. VAT is the value-added tax, the tax is placed on a product whenever value is added at each stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale. Bread is a product that is not and can’t be taxed, as it is a ‘basic good’.

The VAT law in Ireland means the ingredients in bread can’t exceed 2% of the weight of the flour. However, the bread rolls from Subway have over 10% of sugar and fat ingredients than it should have to be considered savoury.

The bread rolls from Subway are baked fresh, and definitely is bread but because of the sugar levels they have to be taxed. Subway have had bad publicly before, due to their usage of a chemical that improved the dough but was dangerous.

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