Thousands flee Madrid!

Madrid could get locked down again and thousands of people living in Madrid have decided to flee, going elsewhere.

The Madrilenians are trying to avoid being stuck in lockdown again. As it was so strict during the first wave of the virus, the people are scared. The people have started traveling to places like Castellón, Valencia, Alicante and Murcia. These places have much less cases and the people may also have other homes there.

The day of storm ‘Alex’ Madrid’s roads were chaotic, even though the weather proved to be difficult to drive in. Nonetheless people were finishing work and driving away in an attempt to stay safe.

The trains were also busy, but the National Police were keeping social distancing restrictions and other restrictions in place. Many people exclaimed their apprehensiveness about the possible lockdown, explaining they have another house elsewhere that they can stay in to avoid Madrid.

The main train station, Renfe have declared the arrival and departure destinations can be changed or cancelled for free as they are trying to help Madrilenians as much as they can. Staying safe, and avoiding a second lockdown is the main priority for the people of Madrid, however trying to decrease the cases is hard enough now without travel.

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