Thousands of Amazon employees test positive

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Thousands of Amazon employees test positive. Amazon have almost 20,000 staff members that have tested positive for COVID-19.

The company is one of the top five delivery companies in the world, selling a range of products. Amazon is a massive company and it has recently come to light that nearly 20,000 employees are COVID-19 positive. The outbreak started in March causing a world pandemic, with numbers rising everyday.

In a company of over 1.30 million workers, there was bound to be employees demanding they tell the public about their data results. The employees asked for the release as they stress that people and customers need to know for safety reasons.

The company have been very good in respects of informing their employees about the data that they have received. They have also commented in their blog, posting their hopes of other large companies releasing their data about COVID-19 cases. It can be helpful for all the different companies to compare their data. Perhaps the company could use their compared data to create ways to avoid the rapid spreading.

Any employee in the company that may have been in contact with anyone with the virus has to be tested. However, the majority of employees are being tested as a safety precaution. The company is doing thousands of COVID-19 tests a day, and the numbers are increasing. Legally the company is supposed to monitor the cases and possible hospitalisations and deaths connected to working for the company.

Amazon, the company is based in Seattle, USA. With the main base being in America, this factors in to how high the rates are. There have been over 7,000,000 cases since the epidemic came about in March.

Amazon are trying their best to make the company as transparent as they can, releasing the data and writing about their testing.  This is helping not only their own staff but also other companies that are unsure whether or not to release their statements.

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