How NOT to breakup with someone!

Imagine your worst and weirdest breakup stories… Let’s times them by ten!

Breakups can be horrendous and heart wrenching acts, whether you’re the dumpee or the dumper! However, sometimes a breakup is what people need to grow. We’re going to discuss some of the worst dumping stories; the reasons why, the strangest breakups and the quirkiest of stories!

Have you ever heard of dumping someone because of a bad dream? Well this man experienced it first-hand. Dreams can quite often feel too real, and can leave you very confused. One man said ‘She called me one morning and said she had a dream that I grabbed her bottom in public in front of her family and friends. She explained she couldn’t be with someone like that and broke up with me! I was speechless’. Can you believe it? Not everyone is in love with the idea of PDA (public displays of affection). Even so, getting dumped over an act you didn’t even do, must be hard!

Another quirky reason is getting dumped because you got a new haircut! ‘I got a new haircut and this girl I was seeing told me she didn’t like it. She didn’t find me attractive anymore. My desperate teenage self tried to tell her that it was a haircut and that it would grow back soon. She had none of it and she dumped me right there.’

Throughout your life you may experience quite a few breakups, some worse than others. Several you may not understand, but everything happens for a reason. With time, everyone comes to realise why the worst times need to happen. It is to pave way for a better life. Nonetheless, with these breakups, we usually learn and possibly use some of the most common breakup lines that may or may not upset the other person. Here are some famous breakup lines:

  • ‘I don’t deserve you’
  • ‘My friends and family don’t like you so I can’t be with you’
  • ‘All good things must come to an end’
  • ‘Roses are red, violets are blue. No, it’s not me, it’s you.

At the time your heart will feel crushed into millions of pieces, however, after a while the breakup becomes almost humorous. This is possibly because of the pure absurdity of the reasons or how the breakup was done. Although it is always better to learn to laugh than be stuck with the bad memories and hateful energy.

People may disagree and say a pet peeve is not a valid enough reason to breakup with someone, but these stories could convince you otherwise. Not everyone likes a noisey eater, a cry baby, an immature partner or an overly competitive partner always trying to outdo you. Everyone has their own quirks, we all can understand that but not everyone can accept certain acts. Here are some pet peeve based breakups!

One story says ‘I went out with the most beautiful girl to get a bite to eat and watch a drive-in movie. We had take-out Mcdonalds and she threw all her litter out the car. I never saw her again after kicking her out my car.’ It can be agreed upon that this story makes sense, no one likes a litterer!

Here is a pet peeve that I’m sure most people have, PEOPLE SPOILING MOVIES! ‘Any time I watched a movie with my girlfriend she would either tell me the ending before we’d even started it or if we went to the cinemas she would talk throughout the whole movie, so I wouldn’t be able to hear anything. I broke up with her, I like movies too much for my girlfriend to ruin them’.  This is a horrible story in itself, who would want to be with someone who ruins the good parts and the endings to every movie. Where is the suspense?!

Most people know of a horror breakup through a text message, a note, phone call or hearing it from someone else. A woman wrote on her husband’s black truck in white ink ‘Dear Dave, tell your girlfriend your wife and kids say hi! P.s I cleaned out our bank account, you’re broke!’ If that isn’t harsh, I don’t know what is, but then again, the act of cheating makes people do crazy things! This is laughable because he has been caught, now he will be paying a pretty penny to try and get the ink off!

‘My first boyfriend had broken up with me on Valentine’s Day, and when I brought up how awful that is, he felt horrible. So then he said, ‘OK — let’s stay together tonight, and then I’ll just break up with you tomorrow.’

Most breakup stories are just plain cringe-worthy and when breakups happen it may feel like the worst time in your life. Life always gets better, so keep your head up and smile! If you can have a good giggle about your worst breakups then share them with us! You never know, your story could help loads of other people going through the same thing!

Thank you for reading this article, “How NOT to breakup with someone!”. We hope you enjoyed this story, and had a good laugh. For more of these up-beat articles, and up-to-date news, visit the Euro Weekly News website.

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