Could the UK face more restrictions?

An unreleased document showing more restrictions for the nation has caused an uproar with the population.

There could be more COVID-19 rules coming into place after an unreleased document.  It includes a new take on the ‘traffic light system. Banning social contact outside the household in any context; no social contact in private homes or gardens outside your bubble; and the rule of six that the UK have now

However, as the cases rise every day in the UK more areas are going into lock down. Meaning there is more chance of the UK enforcing even more rules and restrictions. There have been over 20,000 new coronavirus cases that have been recorded. Although, this very high number is due to a mistake where thousands of positive cases were not put into the computer.

The traffic light rules, showing red, amber and green are to be arranged providing the cases continue to rise within the next few weeks. Meanwhile the green segment contains the rules already set in place at the minute, the rule of six; face masks worn at all times, pubs and restaurants have a 10pm curfew, and only 15 people can attend weddings, whilst 30 people can attend funerals.

The amber segment on the possible new rules involve; no social contact in private homes or gardens outside your bubble, avoid visiting care homes, and only make essential journeys.

Lastly, the red segment which includes very strict rules and restrictions; no social contact with anyone outside your household at all, hospitality and leisure businesses closed, any sports and hobbies banned.

The government may only enforce these rules in certain areas of the United Kingdom, most likely the most affected areas. In the worst-case scenario the restrictions could be in place through the entire nation of the UK. This unreleased document is only the rough draft, and could either be less strict or stricter. People will most likely be abiding by these rules if the coronavirus cases do not decrease.

The UK have suffered another 33 deaths, along with the 22,961 new cases caused by the technical problem.  These results will help determine whether or not the government will enforce these ‘traffic light’ rules or not.

Much of the population will find these new rules extreme and unfair, on the other hand the population may be grateful. Hence the governments best efforts to find ways to diminish the rate of how the disease is spreading. People testing positive are self-isolating for around fourteen days, as a safety precaution.

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