Oldest podcast host will melt your heart!

The 100-year-old Captain Sir Tom Moore does not let his age stop him! He is the guest host of a podcast series; he is one of Britain’s’ oldest podcast host.

Oldest podcast host will melt your heart! His new podcast is called The Originals, where he strikes up conversations with the most amazing people. This is in a bid to encourage people to start up conversations with older people. The 100-year-old veteran is in partnership with ‘Cadbury’ and Age UK’s ‘Donate Your Words’ campaign.

Captain Sir Tom Moore became an internet sensation during lockdown when he raised money for charity before turning 100. He interviews people that have lived phenomenal lives. One 79-year-old woman gushed about kissing Elvis; a body building champion at the age of 83 and a man that has being fighting against global warming for over 50 years!

Captain Tom speaks about all the juicy things that people want to hear, about the things he has achieved in his life. Instead of speaking about things that may bore the younger audience like the weather and food, he keeps it exciting. He wants the podcast to reach no age limit, whether you’re 16 or 66 he wants you to be able to listen and learn.

The point of the Age UK ‘Donate Your Words’ campaign is about making older people feel more loved, to cut down their feeling of loneliness. The cause is unbelievable and will hopefully work wonderfully!

Due to the lockdown so many older people hadn’t spoken to people in months. As people were trying to avoid visiting care homes, and older people’s home as a preventative measure from the virus.

Nonetheless, start up a conversation with an older person and you get ready to be surprised by the stories they have to tell! Every person has lived a different and exciting life, you just have to take the time to listen. Ask them anything, you will not regret it!

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