What do you call a remote control?

Here is something you might not have known but there is more than one name for a TV remote. In fact, there are actually over 100 names for a remote control used by the British!
Most places have their own dialects and accents, so over time people have made up their own names to distinguish a remote. There have been surveys showing how often people lose their remotes and the amount of remotes that people have to buy brand new, due to misplacing them or breaking them.
Here are just some of the following names;

  1. Remote (remote control)
  2. Doofah (doofer)
  3. Zapper
  4. Clicker
  5. Flicker
  6. Channel changer
  7. Thing-a-ma-jig
  8. Switcher
  9. Watcha-ma-call-it
  10. Gizmo
  11. Button (Buttons)
  12. The box (TV box)
  13. Gadget
  14. The changer
  15. Dibber
  16. Bleeper
  17. Blipper ( Bleeper)
  18. Doodah
  19. Bat
  20. Bopper
  21. Chaneller
  22. Click Clack
  23. Control panel
  24. Control stick
  25. Mote
  26. Oofa Doofa
  27. Sky box
  28. Stick
  29. Telly commander
  30. Telly control
  31. TV thing
  32. Widget
  33. Widger
  34. Ronnie Remore
  35. Jigger
  36. Husband’s toy
  37. TV gun
  38. Stick

There are endless names for what people call a TV remote, and each one is interesting. If you would like to have some fun make sure you comment and tell us what you call a TV remote. Remember no answer is wrong or silly, we all have our own ways of communicating! Now, let’s have some fun! What do you call a remote control?
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