Cancer has no age restriction

A 34-year-old woman fighting breast cancer turned down by medics because of her age. Cancer has no age restriction.

A thirty-four-year-old mother was turned away three times whilst suspecting she was unwell. Medics described the woman as too young and fit. Lori Delaney, from Glasgow was feeling very lethargic and had lump on her lip and breast. She instantly knew something was wrong.

She visited her GP and a Breast Cancer Awareness truck in a bid to get some answers. They replied three times with the same answers, she is too young and didn’t have the symptoms. Luckily, she persevered and fought to find the answer she had been dreading but needed to know.

She knew something was wrong, she was sent to Gartnavel General Hospital, where a grade three breast cancer was found and proved to be extremely threatening to her health. The strong mother of two went through six rounds of chemotherapy [to destroy cancer cells]. The pandemic interrupted her treatments but she eventually finished them. She has been cancer free since May!

However, Lori will have to take medication for the next ten years, as a preventative measure. She has released her story to show everyone that if you are not feeling well to trust your instincts, trust your gut and get more opinions until you are 100% you are healthy.  She took three no’s, three rejections but she knew she was unwell.

Her aunt had been diagnosed with breast cancer just two months earlier, so she wanted to be safe. The doctors Lori had visited said the lump on her breast was a possible hormone lump that women her age gets. When she eventually got sent to the Gartnavel General Hospital they performed a biopsy as part of routine but didn’t receive a mammogram as she was ‘too young’.

If you are ever feeling unwell and have a suspicion there is something seriously wrong then do not stop until you have the answers that can put your mind at ease. Trust your own instincts.

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