Bipolar Disorder: Understanding it

Understanding the illness: Bipolar

Bipolar disorder is NOT just mood swings o being happy one moment and angry the next. The highs and lows of Bipolar Disorder are required to last several days or weeks in a row NOT just a couple of hours.

People with Bipolar Disorder experience abnormal and persistent changes in energy, behaviour and sleep that are NOT typical for them and stands out in a negative way.

This may look like happiness or irritability that is way over the top, look unusual, and others can notice.

The illness consists of one or more manic episodes that last one week or more Sometimes it requires hospitalisation and also a depressive episode , although there is no rule for it.

Symptoms of Manic episode can be :

  • Feeling very high or extremely irritable or touchy.
  • Feeling jumpy , more active than usual.
  • Racing thoughts
  • Decreased need for sleep.
  • Talking fast about a lot of different things.
  • Excessive appetite for food, drinking, sex or other activities.
  • Thinking you can do a lot of things at once without getting tired.
  • Feeling like you are unusually important, talented and powerful

Symptoms of Depressive episode can be :

  • Feeling hopeless, down , sad or anxious.
  • Trouble concentrating or making decisions.
  • Trouble feeling asleep, waking up too early or sleeping to much
  • Talking very slowly, feelings like you have nothing to say or forgetting a lot
  • Lack of interest in almost all activities
  • Unable to do even the simple things
  • Feeling worthless or thinking about death

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong illness , it can be managed with medication and therapy. Avoiding stress, keeping regular sleep routines can help.

It’s important if you or a loved one is feeling anything similar, please speak out and tell someone.You are not alone!

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