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Heavy duty

Dear Euro Weekly News,
I have come to a quandary. I read the article last week about the express eviction team who are chasing away squatters.

Sure, if I had somebody illegally living in or even destroying my house, I would want them out. I would really hope that the police or courts would be able to sort that. Should we really have to call “the heavies” in? My husband thinks it is a brilliant idea and says he would be in to help them remove people by “any means necessary” if he was 20 years younger.

But should we fight crime with violence? Or the threat of?
I may be wrong, maybe the only thing these criminal squatters will listen t is a bunch of burly blokes knocking their heads together.

Esther Fotheringham
La Cala de Mijas

One rule

Dear Euro Weekly,
New restrictions? They have got to be mad? Yes, lockdown Madrid but do it properly. I saw news of people scarpering from Madrid to hit the Costa del Sol again at the weekend.

No! these chancers should receive a massive fine. What if they are carriers and are bringing the virus back to us?

How utterly selfish! Saying that I am still amazed that the local Spanish bars and restaurants near my house are packed with loud, non-mask wearing patrons until late into the night. PACKED! No social distancing, adults and kids.

On the other hand, I am hearing of all the British cafes and restaurants shutting down or being busted for breaking a new rule.

Think a bit of favouritism is going on. What happened to care in the community or “One for all and all for one”?
It’s a damn shame.

Fred Rosethorpe

Similar thoughts

Dear Leapy Lee,
Hello, I often read your column in the EWN and clearly, we have ”similar thoughts”. May I offer a few of mine? It’s clear that most of today’s problems stem from two basic fact.

The over demand on supply, and/or lack of discipline. The latter should be no great surprise as we have gone through the last 30 /40 years with children being unruly due to the parent being unable or unwilling to make the effort to instil discipline, even to chastise or withdraw privileges is considered to be mental cruelty. So, without a firm upbringing how can youngsters know what is required to be a good law-abiding citizen?  To look at the other problem facing the world is overpopulation one has only to look at the figures of population expansion since the 1700s to see that clearly the current increase is not sustainable, and governments in the UK are giving endless child allowance to families to have more children they would otherwise not afford.

Example, a mother in the UK recently gave birth to her 23rd child!

Just do the maths a see the cost on resources as they become adults. I think what is required is a guide of ”stop at two to replace you” (not going to be popular with most religions or some cults methinks)

However, there I am, I would welcome your thoughts.

Kind regards Barry Reading

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