Hoodlums under 18 should be punished

Just recently a sixteen year old young hoodlum became involved in a car chase with a number of police vehicles. Attempting to swerve around a police road block his car struck a young officer who was dragged along before being thrown off and sustaining multiple injuries, including a fractured leg.

The car was finally brought to a halt and the driver arrested. The charges were, stealing a car, failing to stop; possession of cannabis; failing to provide a blood sample; causing serious injury by dangerous driving and driving without a license or insurance. The officer was off work for five weeks and also suffered a psychological impact that required mental treatment and counselling.

At his trial the judge’s ruling on this young toe rag was a piddling, non-custodial twelve month rehabilitation order, and a fine of 100 pounds! You really couldn’t make it up. What this basically means is that this waste of space was back with his mates that evening, his ‘street cred’ on a high, a joint in his mouth and his eye on whatever other criminal endeavours he could turn his hand to. The message taken back to his fellow young cronies?

As long as you’re under eighteen, you can get away with just about anything. Some of these judges are not fit to serve up slop in a prison kitchen, leave alone serve up justice on the bench. The way to prevent young thugs like this re offending is to bang ‘em up in a serious boot camp. Control their every waking and sleeping moment with the strictest regulations and make them never want to be put back inside again. But it won’t happen will it?

The ‘wokes’ and liberal lefties of our society have somehow managed to take control of our rules and regulations and appear to have completely dispensed with common sense. Under the guise of ‘sex education’ they have allowed live sexual acts to take place in our classrooms. Tried to normalise grown men in dresses sharing locker rooms with young girls’ and made parents afraid to chastise or discipline their own children for fear they will be reported for some form of child abuse.

Unless it agrees with their own warped doctrine, they have also managed to virtually destroy freedom of speech and influence our children into regarding any decision by the authorities as an infringement of their ‘uman rites’. The result of all this dangerous non sense, are new generations of youngsters with, no regard whatsoever for law and order, an utterly self-centered attitude of entitlement, and the belief that despite a history of utter failure, socialism is the answer to everything.

To the left of course it all makes perfect sense; the more dependent the people are on the state the more they can be controlled. Their ultimate ambition is communism and the brain washed young their prime targets. By the time our youngsters realise they have been duped it will all be too late. The only thing Orwell got wrong was the date!

Keep the faith. Love Leapy

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