Panic Buying – AGAIN!


With the UK preparing for lockdown 2.0, some supermarkets are rationing items- including toilet rolls and disinfectant products- to prevent panic buying. So, here we go again!

Theoretically, everyone wants to support the Government’s tough restrictions, given how difficult this situation is. But they make it so very hard, particularly when they break their own rules with impunity. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Dominic!) When the rule maker can’t be bothered to follow his own rules why on earth should he expect anyone else to do so? (Although I think self-centred individuals who regard not social distancing and not wearing masks a “personal” choice have their part to play too.)

And then there’s the “world-beating” shambles of the Government’s NHS Covid-19 app for England and Wales. Both Scotland and Northern Ireland have already introduced their own individual contact tracing apps. Six months into this and the UK still doesn’t have a unified test result system.

This Government has undoubtedly made numerous errors. But can you think of anyone near the levers of power with the ability to do things better? Looking at the last few Prime Ministers, they have all had dodgy degrees like PPE, History or Classics: these show that you know long words and can write the occasional essay, but little else.

Margaret Thatcher, however, studied Chemistry, Neville Chamberlain did Metallurgy, of all things. Churchill had no degree, like Callaghan and Major (the only thing those three had in common). Of course, Blair studied Law–’ nuff said!

As for me over here, I’m still busy working with my good friend, the actor Rayner Bourton, on producing yet another novel “Landscape of Lies” into audiobook format.

With many movie and TV credits to his name, Rayner created the role of ‘Rocky’ in the original London production of “The Rocky Horror Show” and contacted me to say he liked my column-and especially my crime thrillers so could he narrate them? Meanwhile listen yourself to the free audio samples on Amazon–but no panic buying, please!

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