Spain fall behind COVID standards

Cases in Spain have increased, Madrid have over 250,000 cases alone.

If there are more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants then stricter measures should be taken. However, Madrid already has more cases but are not reacting appropriately.

In Germany and Belgium when cases are 100 cases per 100,000, will close bars and restaurants earlier or go into lockdown. Much of Britain have been self-isolating whenever cases are 225 per 100,000. Many areas in the UK have been put into lockdown. Figures across the world are updated every week, many countries’ numbers still increasing.

Madrid have a very unbalanced approach to cut down their numbers, and are very far behind on restrictions and lockdowns. They have closed children’s play parks, yet they have kept restaurants open along with the indoor dining.

Much of these measures, other countries have been using for months already, but Madrid was too late. Many people are now being forced or advised to stay home in attempts to have less people on the street, and out socialising and spreading the virus.

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