Emily in Paris: controversial!

The new Emily in Paris series on Netflix is causing quite a stir, French aren’t too happy about it whereas a lot of British can’t get enough!

Most people that have visited Paris will have enjoyed the cuisine, the beautiful language and incredible people. The series involves everything from fashion, lovers, and the difference between American and French people. Emily begins working in Paris and wants to experience her new life in the city of love. People have their cliches about Paris, including rather beautiful people, croissants, love affairs and berets!

Not speaking the language in a foreign country can set you back quite a lot, people are willing to accept you more if you are at least trying to learn their language. The series has a mass viewing already, this is because some parts of the story are quite similar to Sex and The City. In spite of some of the negative reviews from the French, it really does have a massive audience from teenagers to older people.

The infidelity in France is so common, the French probably wouldn’t admit too much to that. The sexual encounters in Emily in Paris has a younger and freer feel. The attitude towards sex in France is seen in a very different way compared to America. Emily starts accepting all of the differences instead of being afraid. With learning how to accept the French people’s ways, she begins to enjoy herself and feel more liberal.

Even the smoking habits of the French women explains their thin bodies, as they will have a cigarette instead of eating or drinking. There are so many cultural differences that everyone watching can enjoy, whether they accept or not it can still be amusing.

The fashion in France has always been a huge part of their cultural. Everyone looks good! They can wear a bin bag and look good because they will pair it with some gorgeous heels., or smart shoes. People are in awe of French women, the women are business women, mothers and so much more. There is nothing but utmost respect for women in France.

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