How to have a virtual Halloween!

The terror of Halloween comes to Motril

Have you ever heard of having a Halloween in the comforts of your own home? Well, here is a guide for a crazy new way of ‘Halloweening’!

You can still enjoy Halloween just maybe not in the ‘normal’ way because of coronavirus. Here are some tips and tricks to DRINK, DANCE and HAVE FUN for your weirdest but most amusing Halloween yet!

Leaving your house on Halloween doesn’t always go to plan, sometimes its rainy and cold. Now the UK have the rule of six it is restricting people socialising outdoors, so why not stay in, dress up and have the best night ever!

  1. Get your computers ready!

The main part of having a virtual Halloween party is making sure you have a device that you can video call from along with an account. It may be Zoom, Skype, Facetime, whatever it is be ready so you can get straight to having fun!

  1. Invitations!

Make an exciting facebook event, or send letters to all the people you wish to invite! Make a group call with all your closest family and friends.

  1. DRINKS!

This only applies to you if you are of legal age, of course! Make sure your wine or spirits are all lined up ready for your WILD Halloween night! Even having Halloween themed glasses and plates can put you in the mood!

  1. Games!

Have all your games planned and ready for everyone joining the call. You can play Halloween bingo; you can download an app that allows you have Halloween bingo cards and get one person to call out the answer.

Virtual Halloween charades, set Halloween themed movies and music to guess for your family and friends!

Apple bopping, set your basin up with water and apples and enjoy!

  1. Costumes!

Just because you are in the house you can still dress up! Get in the spirit and wear funky costumes. Have a costume competition, and make sure everyone is involved. The gory costumes and the Disney costumes all count!

  1. Dance party!

Musical statues can be so much fun, no matter if it is virtual or in person. Zoom allows group calls, so everyone can get involved! Have one call playing and stopping the music and the rest of the calls dancing.

  1. Share spooky stories

Enjoy a range of spooky stories, dim the lights, get a torch out and tell your best horror stories! The scarier the better! Don’t be afraid to get props out to tell your story or fake blood for effect. Make the most out of being at home. The more theatrical the better, everyone will get a Halloween show.


Although the circumstances in the world aren’t the best right now, we can still find loop holes to enjoy ourselves. This really is the perfect way to stay safe along with having fun. Lastly, enjoy all of the activities that have been mentioned, don’t be afraid to play as many games and share as many stories and sweets as possible! (Don’t be afraid to get a little drunk too!) Enjoy your virtual Halloween, and stay safe!

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