Is Generation COVID on the March?

IS generation COVID on the march?
In the aftermath of A-level Results Day, students took to the streets to protest. UK tabloids described how students’ lives had been “wrecked by the exam grade fiasco”. No! Drug addiction wrecks lives. Serious injury can wreck lives too. Having your (teacher assessed) exam marks downgraded does not.
Nobody can ignore Black Lives Matter or Greta Thunberg’s and Extinction Rebellion’s climate change protest marches. But some in the media now argue that the young–or Generation Covid as they’re labelled-are mobilising not exactly revolution, but change.
Young people have always rebelled though, breaking the rules and making their own up as they go along. The problem is, now they’re taught how to more effectively at school/college. The sooner they learn that there are no free lunches the better. If you want something you have to earn it, not get it given to you by your parents or the state.
UK tabloids seem to have a long-standing obsession with politicians’ holidays too. Stay at home and you’re accused of faking it (or simply ridiculed in the case of Boris). Go abroad somewhere “posh” and you’re reminded that, say, an unemployed single mother of five with mental health issues mightn’t be able to enjoy Tuscany this summer so what right do you have to go?
Everyone agrees that politicians need to take a holiday so their batteries are recharged ready for the challenges of Government. Then the media get incredibly upset when they do. They get incredibly upset, too, at all the Government’s U-turns:15 in five months! They claim that the search for a spokesman to front White House-style televised briefings exposes the Government’s lack of identity, and that Number 10 needs a message more than a messenger.
Number 10, they say, has lost its way, doesn’t know where it’s going, can’t see further ahead than its own shadow .Just as I recently suggested here for Trump, maybe Boris and his Cabinet should also take time out for a brief trip to Barnard Castle to check their eyesight…
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